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College Stuff

Here's an interesting phenomenon (at least for me it is):
I stored a little single-serving bottle of apple juice and a quart of OJ in my new minifridge. This morning the OJ was frozen solid, but the apple juice wasn't. Not even icy.


Yeah, I know, this is a really lame post for not having updated in so long, but hey, the inspiration comes when it does. Today I have Intro to Visual thinking and Sociology, the two most boring classes I'm currently taking. Art may sound fun, but it's actually sitting around in an old theatre for an hour and looking at slides while our Professor lectures, and Sociology isn't much better. At least there we're in a classroom.

Biology is actually pretty cool, though. True, it's a freshman class, and ture most of this stuff I learned in High School, but the Professor is entertaining and knows how to speak in public, which is a big plus.

Some college student! Look at all those typos! Sorry, you'll have to bear with me, I'm off to breakfast and I don't care enough to fix 'em. See you all later!
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Care's Synopsis of 28 Weeks Later

Let me just sum up the movie in a few words for you: some kids break quarantine and kill everyone in the entire world.

This is what I made of the infection outbreak thing:

Army Guy #1: Hey Frank! I'm just designing the alarm system for the sector here! Any suggestions?
Army Guy #2: Gee Stu, I think you should add loud sirens and flashing strobe lights. That would have a calming effect on frightened masses, I believe. Becuase it would remind them of a techno rave party, and those are fun!
Army Guy #1: Golly Frank! Good idea!
Army Guy #2: Also let's give every civilian in this place a keycard that gets them into any high-security areas they want to go in. That builds trust.
Army Guy #1: Can we guard said high-security areas with inept personnel who apparently can't hear, see, or own brains at all? Because it's not like infected people are particularly quiet when running around hollering and killing, and we wouldn't want to put someone there who might, you know, shoot a gun at all, because then we could get sued.
Army Guy #2: Brilliant! Let us celebrate with pudding!
Army Guy #2: Pudding, yay!

I'm going to go sleep now.
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It's been a while. Kinda sad really that I don't feel like I have anything interesting to post. Well, here goes:

- I'm liking my job. It's awesome. Free movies.

- I'm liking the dorm life, although I don't get much sleep sometimes. We've had 14 ambulances at our hall alone since the semester started. Kenamond Hall has become known as "Ghettomond" because of all the alcohol poisonings. And the no air-conditioning we've also been enjoying. (not)

- I have no social life. Not heard from me in a while? I promise I'm not dead, just busy. Homework makes up a lot of this, as well as work.

- Dating? Don't have the time. I haven't even really found the time to make calls to people, let alone actually have an hour or two to spend with them.

I think that mostly covers all the basics. That's it for now, anyway.
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BB&T Sucks Ass

Today this happened:

I went to the BB&T bank in Inwood to withdraw some cash from my checking fund, to put in my Centrabank account, which I had accidentally bounced a check from. I didn't have enough in there to cover the fee for the bounce, but Mom had loaned me her card to use to cover the extra amount, so I used it in the ATM outside the bank. In the time it took me to take the cash it spat out and put it in my purse, the machine had retracted my Mom's card.

So, I go inside, hoping to get it back, and they tell me there's only one person who can open up the machine, and she won't be back until Tuesday.

Tuesday?!? Holy fuck, it will take that long? I would understand if I had done this after hours or something, but it was noon on a Friday! There's no excuse for this kind of thing!

Enraged but still needing to deposit the money at Centrabank, I went over there, still obviously upset. The teller asked me what was wrong, and when I told her, she told me that at Centrabank, there were 5 people present that could open their machine, and that there was always supposed to be someone there who could, in an event such as this.

Yet another example of how Centrabank kicks BBB&T's ass in customer service. The BB&T people said they would call me if the lady who could open the machine came back in (she was apparently on her lunch break, but since they said I couldn't get the card back until Tuesday, that's a mighty long fucking lunch break). I find this completely inexcuseable and I'm pretty pissed. After I get my Mom's card back, I'm going to close my BB&T account. This is the straw that broke the camel's back.
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Hooray for the Backstreet Boys!

You shut up. This is the sound of my teenage years. :)

I deem today to be the 'day of regressing'. Alfred Hitchcock movies, old Mary-Sue stories that I wrote (and the subsequent burning of them), and probably the Spice girls at some point will be the staples of my media entertainment today.

This is how I amuse myself. Again, shut up.

(Also: N'sync is not good. I wonder why I ever liked it?)
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About a year ago I bought a paperback book from the library for 50 cents, which they were apparently getting rid of. Phantom, by Susan Kay, about the Phantom of the Opera, a story about his life, pre-opera. It's written like a romance novel and I didn't read it, but my sister did, and she really liked it.

I look on Amazon, and it's apparently out of print, rare, and worth $20.

It's in kinda crummy condition, but that's still pretty cool for a 50 cent find.

EDIT: Also my little paperback of Scarlet Feather, a romanticised story about Indians, is worth $8, and I paid two.

Hooray for rare books that nobody cares about but me! :D
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(no subject)

Going for a job seminar/interview thing on the 15th. It might very well mess up all of my summer plans, but with the way things are going right now I'm going to really need the extra income.

I haven't heard anything about Bob's party, so I assume that's off (?), but on the plus side, Steve is having a party/game at his house the following day, which I look forward to. If anyone in the Winchester area is going, would you also be interested in carpooling? Give me a call on my cell phone if interested in splitting gas or something.

On another note, I feel I really need to give up on the idea of dating, it just seems like some unconscious process of mine is blowing things up for me. I've been finding myself making stupid excuses for when my interest in a person suddenly AWOLs, most being very shallow and laughable, but which I believed wholeheartedly at the time to be my cause for not being interested in them. Obviously, my dating people is not working out, and now if I could just get my INTEREST in dating to wane, I'd be just fine.

Finals this week, so I doubt anyone will be seeing much of me (not that not seeing me would be a big change from the norm, I haven't been very social lately).

Super. That should be it.
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(no subject)

My dad bought me a Windows XP home edition off Ebay for cheaps. Now, here's my problem: Install it onto my old, crappy, Windows ME'd computer which doesn't do all that well anyway, OR, save it for the new computer that I will supposedly be building sometime in the near future (which has not yet even gotten into the planning stages, alas)

Children of Men is a good movie. Go rent it.

Filming is going okay. We did our first session last weekend, and other than being a little short on crew, it was fine. The director seems very motivated.

That's it for now. I'm hungry and shall look into getting some food.

And also, a special note to famp/n4cht: Both your Livejournals make my Explorer crash. Every time. Even looking at your Userinfo and Comments pages. Weird, huh?

Anyway, since I seem to be unable to comment on your LJ, could you give me a call and give me some directions to your place for the party? I'll try calling you in a few days in case you don't read this, but I don't think I have your new number.
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(no subject)

So unfortunately, 28 Weeks Later does not feature Cillian Murphy, my favorite actor in the whole world, again. It does, however, have Robert Carlyle, and I suppose that is good enough for me. I'd want to see it anyway, this is just a little added incentive.

After yet another cold and rainy school day, I am bored and have nothing to do. I was giving serious thought to looking for a rafting club in the area somewhere for when the weather gets warmer, for all my kayaking/rafting/outdoorsy needs. Also, probably a good way to meet new friends. Now that I think of it though, there are probably other types of clubs in the area that also might be fun to join. I'm looking around.

Yay for groups of people with shared interests!

Also I have a six page report due Wednesday, which I was assigned TODAY. Suck.
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